Waukesha Heavyweights Back Duchow

Key Waukesha Leaders Back Duchow in 99th GOP Primary

Heavy Weights:  Margaret Farrow, Rep. Sanfelippo & James Klauser Agree—It’s Republican Cindi Duchow on Sept. 1st

(T-Delafield, WI)  In the race to fill the open 99th Assembly District seat, with a nearing GOP Primary on September 1st, Republican Cindi Duchow has earned the support of key Waukesha County leaders.  Joining the Taxpayers for Duchow team are:

  • Margaret Farrow-Former Lt. Governor, Senator and Representative as well as an engaged and respected community leader.
  • (R-New Berlin)—Rep. Sanfelippo garnered notoriety as the oft-lone voice of conservative reason on the Milwaukee County Board, routinely exposing gross waste and futility.  Since his election to the Assembly in 2012, Rep. Sanfelippo led the effort to downsize the Milwaukee County Board and is a well-respected conservative member of the Assembly.
  • James Klauser—A former key advisor to Gov. Tommy G Thompson and respected businessman, Klauser, though retired continues to be an influential political advisor.

“Candidates that have worked to stretch the taxpayer dollar at the local level, like Cindi Duchow, bring a much-needed perspective to state government which is why I am endorsing her in the GOP Primary for the 99th Assembly District GOP Primary taking place on September 1st,” said Farrow.  “I started out in local government believing taxpayers deserved better and successfully ran for the state assembly and senate focusing on government efficiencies, Cindi Duchow brings that same dedication to protecting taxpayer dollars to the job and will be an outstanding member of the assembly for Waukesha County.”

The 99th Assembly District’s September 1st GOP Primary is a result of now-Sen. Chris Kapenga’s vacating the assembly seat after his impressive 33rd Senate District victory earlier this summer.

“It’s a mistake to make the wholesale assumption that local elected experience is an advantage when seeking higher office, Cindi Duchow and her work on the Town Board of Delafield make her the perfect exception which is why she has earned my support in the Sept. 1st GOP Primary in the 99th Assembly District.  Cindi isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo often found in local government, putting taxpayers—not bureaucracy—first,” said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo.  “From my time on the Milwaukee County Board, I know the courage it takes to stick to your conservative ideals and go against the grain of government, Cindi Duchow has demonstrated that she too shares that commitment to do what’s right, versus what is politically appeasing.  We need Cindi Duchow in Madison”

“I am humbled by the support of those like Margaret Farrow whom I’ve long admired and James Klauser whose counsel I’ve oft-sought as well as Rep. Sanfelippo who has challenged politics-as-usual at every turn,” said Duchow.  “I take the enthusiasm they along with so many other supporters have for my candidacy as motivation to close the final two weeks as strong as possible.  I’m committed, conservative and ready to represent the 99th Assembly District”