Cindi Duchow Declares Her Candidacy

(July 28, 2015) Lifelong Waukesha resident, family business owner and local elected official, Cindi Duchow, has declared her candidacy as a Republican for the 99th Assembly District seat vacated as a result of the election of Sen. Chris Kapenga.

“The 99th Assembly District has always delivered strong conservative leadership, and I will work to earn the trust of the taxpayers by sharing how my family business experience, local government know-how and lifelong local roots will best-serve our community,” said Duchow. “I both grew up in Waukesha County and my husband and I chose to raise a family here, I have the business experience government needs and have been twice elected to the Town of Delafield Board helping deliver the lowest tax rate in the county.”

Our state’s GOP leaders have made great progress over the past five years; unemployment is at a near-record low, strong conservative reforms have advanced by leaders like Gov. Walker and Sen. Kapenga that improve our business environment while keeping more money in the pockets of taxpayers. Taxpayers can not afford to risk electing someone who isn’t ready, doesn’t have key experience or important local roots.

“I believe this campaign is about what I can do with your trust as the next Republican Representative of the 99th Assembly District, and not about what I want to be,” stated Duchow. “I know firsthand that there’s more we can do to get state government working for, not against us.”

Cindi Duchow--ready, committed and conservative: • Cindi and her husband have been small business owners for many years, working hard to grow a business despite the regulatory and tax burdens our business has experienced. Cindi believes we can do more to help businesses create jobs putting business—not government—growth, first.

• Three years ago, Cindi was elected to the Town Board of Delafield promising taxpayers top-value for their dollar. She was reelected, after helping deliver the lowest tax rate in the county while building a new firehouse to better serve the safety needs of the community. Cindi will fight to reign-in state government spending, lower taxes, and deliver value to you--the taxpayer.

• Cindi knows Waukesha County is the best place to live and raise a family in Wisconsin. It’s where she’s raised two boys with her husband, and together they’ve committed time and energies to help make sure this is the best place to live both today and tomorrow.

“I’m ready to lead the fight to keep Waukesha County the envy of our neighbors, by providing a high-value low cost government that keeps money in the pockets of taxpayers,” said Duchow.

The special election for the 99th Assembly District will likely be called soon and replacing former-Rep. and now Sen. Kapenga will take the right candidate who is ready, committed and conservative.

Over the coming weeks of the campaign, Duchow will effectively execute a campaign demonstrating how being born and raised in Waukesha, coupled with her small business experience and her proven conservative voting record as a local elected official would be an asset for the 99th Assembly District.