Waukesha Heavyweights Back Duchow

Key Waukesha Leaders Back Duchow in 99th GOP Primary

Heavy Weights:  Margaret Farrow, Rep. Sanfelippo & James Klauser Agree—It’s Republican Cindi Duchow on Sept. 1st

(T-Delafield, WI)  In the race to fill the open 99th Assembly District seat, with a nearing GOP Primary on September 1st, Republican Cindi Duchow has earned the support of key Waukesha County leaders.  Joining the Taxpayers for Duchow team are:

  • Margaret Farrow-Former Lt. Governor, Senator and Representative as well as an engaged and respected community leader.
  • (R-New Berlin)—Rep. Sanfelippo garnered notoriety as the oft-lone voice of conservative reason on the Milwaukee County Board, routinely exposing gross waste and futility.  Since his election to the Assembly in 2012, Rep. Sanfelippo led the effort to downsize the Milwaukee County Board and is a well-respected conservative member of the Assembly.
  • James Klauser—A former key advisor to Gov. Tommy G Thompson and respected businessman, Klauser, though retired continues to be an influential political advisor.

“Candidates that have worked to stretch the taxpayer dollar at the local level, like Cindi Duchow, bring a much-needed perspective to state government which is why I am endorsing her in the GOP Primary for the 99th Assembly District GOP Primary taking place on September 1st,” said Farrow.  “I started out in local government believing taxpayers deserved better and successfully ran for the state assembly and senate focusing on government efficiencies, Cindi Duchow brings that same dedication to protecting taxpayer dollars to the job and will be an outstanding member of the assembly for Waukesha County.”

The 99th Assembly District’s September 1st GOP Primary is a result of now-Sen. Chris Kapenga’s vacating the assembly seat after his impressive 33rd Senate District victory earlier this summer.

“It’s a mistake to make the wholesale assumption that local elected experience is an advantage when seeking higher office, Cindi Duchow and her work on the Town Board of Delafield make her the perfect exception which is why she has earned my support in the Sept. 1st GOP Primary in the 99th Assembly District.  Cindi isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo often found in local government, putting taxpayers—not bureaucracy—first,” said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo.  “From my time on the Milwaukee County Board, I know the courage it takes to stick to your conservative ideals and go against the grain of government, Cindi Duchow has demonstrated that she too shares that commitment to do what’s right, versus what is politically appeasing.  We need Cindi Duchow in Madison”

“I am humbled by the support of those like Margaret Farrow whom I’ve long admired and James Klauser whose counsel I’ve oft-sought as well as Rep. Sanfelippo who has challenged politics-as-usual at every turn,” said Duchow.  “I take the enthusiasm they along with so many other supporters have for my candidacy as motivation to close the final two weeks as strong as possible.  I’m committed, conservative and ready to represent the 99th Assembly District”


Duchow, Relentless Taxpayer Advocate, Earns Key Nods

Present & Past T-Delafield Board Members Endorse Duchow

99th Assembly District Needs a Taxpayer Advocate

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August 13, 2015                                                                    

(Town of Delafield, WI)  Republican candidate for the 99th Assembly District and current member of the Town Board of Delafield, Cindi Duchow, has earned the support of the majority of her current colleagues as well as past Town Board members in her bid to win the September 1st GOP nomination.

"Cindi Duchow has a proven record as a relentless advocate for taxpayers," said Larry Krause, Delafield Town Chairman. "Although it's well known that the Town has the lowest municipal tax rate in Waukesha County, Cindi continually challenges her board colleagues to do more for the Town and its residents, without raising taxes or fees.  I have no doubt that she would continue those efforts on behalf of every resident of the 99th district as a member of State Assembly."

Cindi Duchow has twice earned a seat on the Town Board of Delafield successfully campaigning and then running for reelection on her record as a committed taxpayer advocate.  While serving on the Board, Duchow has helped maintain the Town’s county-lowest tax rate, while improving fire and safety services and access to government through improved facilities. 

“Government, at all levels, has an unyielding obligation to protect the taxpayers.  I am the only candidate in the race to fill the open 99th Assembly seat that has proven record of driving government to deliver the highest value of for the lowest taxpayer investment,” said Duchow.  “I’m ready to challenge state government in the same way I’ve successfully challenged local government.”

Key current and past elected officials of the Town of Delafield, along with local leaders endorsing Duchow in the race to fill the open 99th Assembly District seat include:

Chairman Larry Krause (current)

Supv. Ed Kranik (current)

Supv. Ron Troy (current)

Supv. Paul Kanter (former)

Chief Paul Kozlowski

Supv. Clare Dundon (former)

“I’m grateful for the support of those that share my belief that taxpayers must come first at all level of government, and ask for the support of voters in the September 1st primary by making the same promise I made when first seeking elected office—it’s the taxpayer’s money, not governments, and my priority will always be to deliver the highest value government at the lowest cost to taxpayers,” said Duchow.


August 5th--Cindi Duchow—GOP Candidate for the 99th AD—Ballot Certified for September 1st Primary

Cindi Duchow—GOP Candidate for the 99th AD—Ballot Certified for September 1st Primary

(Delafield, WI)  Republican candidate for the 99th Assembly District, Cindi Duchow, has turned in nearly double the nomination signatures required to appear on the September 1st primary ballot and has earned certification from the Government Accountability Board (GAB).

“I look forward to using the next 28 days before the September 1st GOP Primary to earn the trust of taxpayers of the 99th Assembly District by demonstrating how my conservative record as an elected town board member, experience with the family business and lifelong community ties would best-serve the district,” said Cindi Duchow, Town of Delafield resident and GOP candidate for the 99th Assembly District.  “I know how to tighten the belt of government, and have helped deliver the lowest tax rate as a member of Town Board of Delafield and look forward to putting my experiences to work as a member of the Assembly.”

Duchow, twice elected to the Town Board of Delafield, has fought to keep the Town’s tax rate the lowest in the county, while returning a high value for taxpayer’s dollars which includes improved fire and safety services and a more accessible town government.

“I’ve put my family business experience to work for the Town of Delafield, and while gathering nomination signatures I heard time and time again that we need more elected officials in state government that have such experience,” said Duchow.

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Republican Duchow Enters 99th AD Race

Duchow throws hat in ring for special election for 99th Assembly District seat

Delafield Town Supervisor Cindi Duchow has announced her candidacy as a Republican for the 99th Assembly District seat being vacated by Chris Kapenga.

Kapenga was elected last week to the 33rd state Senate seat after Paul Farrow stepped down to focus on his new role as Waukesha County executive.

"The 99th Assembly District has always delivered strong conservative leadership, and I will work to earn the trust of the taxpayers by sharing how my family business experience, local government know how and lifelong local roots will best serve our community," said Duchow.

"Our state's GOP leaders have made great progress over the past five years; unemployment is at a near-record low, strong conservative reforms have advanced by leaders like Gov. Walker and Sen. Kapenga that improve our business environment while keeping more money in the pockets of taxpayers. Taxpayers cannot afford to risk electing someone who isn't ready, doesn't have key experience or important local roots," she added.

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September 1st Primary

July 30, 2015 statement from Cindi Duchow, GOP candidate for the 99th Assembly District, regarding the announcement of the September 1st Primary to fill the soon-to-be-vacant assembly seat:

“The 99th Assembly District has continually produced outstanding leadership as evidence by my friend Senator-elect Chris Kapenga, with the electorate demanding strong conservative candidates with day-one real-life experience.  I’m ready, and look forward to demonstrating how my family business experience, the conservative record I’ve produced as a twice-elected member of the Town Board of Delafield and my commitment to the community as a lifelong resident will prove an asset as the next representative of the district.  With the election a little over a month away I look forward to discussing my experiences, including helping keep the Town of Delafield’s tax rate the lowest in the county while improving services and earning the trust of the voters in advance of September 1st."