Tax Reform
Reducing income and property taxes is a top priority.  

High taxes are why business, young adults, and seniors either struggle to make ends meet or leave our state.  Reducing taxes will keep more money in our pockets, and in-turn build stronger communities that can help build strong local and regional economies.  

During the past seven years the State of Wisconsin has reversed the trend of raising taxes by reforming government allowing local units of government greater flexibility, making significant gains in saving taxpayers money.  

We're on the right path, but have a long way to go before these reforms produce consistent and meaningful returns for hard working taxpayers.  First, we must significantly reduce state income taxes.  This will not only keep more money in our own pockets but it will also allow small business to grow by reinvesting in there employees and business.  Second, we need to eliminate personal property taxes on business - they don't even have this tax in Illinois!  Third, we must get rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax or AMT.  It is bad enough to have this at the federal level.  We don't need our State squeezing taxpayers that have legitimate tax planning a second time. 

While serving on the Town Board, I worked hard to keep spending and taxes low, Since being elected to the assembly, I have continued the fight and have worked hard to save every dime we can in Madison so that more money stays in your pockets here at home. 

Jobs and the Economy
As a family business owner I know first-hand that less government, lower taxes and a well-trained workforce are just some of the tools necessary to help our state remain competitive.  

We need a relentless commitment to making sure we improve our State’s economy, which will help both attract and grow small and medium businesses.  This means fighting to reduce the tax burden for all businesses and reducing the burdensome regulations that these businesses face. Job creation will only be meaningful if new and existing businesses are free to grow with less constraint and retain more of their hard earned money.  We also need to create a skilled workforce that meets the demands of local businesses.  To accomplish this we need to establish programs that train our children in high school and two-year colleges for our State's many trades and teach them new technology to become more productive than competitive states. 

Having raised two children in the Kettle Moraine School District, I know firsthand the value of great teachers and school administrators, they can make a significant difference in a child’s future.   We need to give district's greater control and decision making at the local level along with less regulation in exchange for better tools for parents to consider a school's achievement.  

In addition, making sure our school districts receive their fair share of State revenue is critical.  Our schools shouldn’t be penalized for being successful, frugal, and cost efficient while other wasteful school districts produce poor and more-costly results.  I also believe in school choice and having a strong network of private schools and non-traditional educational alternatives (like virtual schools).  This not only provides alternatives, it creates a, “free market” environment that encourages our public schools to continually improve. 

The Right to Bear Arms
I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and will fight to protect this important right.  My husband is an avid hunter and my children have both earned hunter safety education certificates. Law abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms while we enforce the laws that prevent offenders and violent criminals from obtaining firearms. 

Pro Life
As a mother I understand the importance of life and I will support measures to protect human life beginning with conception. I have been endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life PAC.